Ba'da Tahmid Wa Shalawat,
Dear all, before i had posted one Reflection "Change to better Direction" that motivate us to always make a chage in our life, what Direction? please visit link above.

Today, as a time in my region Makassar Indonesia, it is first day in Ramadhan Mubarok 1432 Hijrah. As a moslem it's a right momentum to make a reflection my life before to better life in future.
Talking about Ramadhan, certainly learning month of totally month of the year. In this month almost masjid filled by many people, from children to adult, man or woman, diligently come to masjid, join taraweh, Muhasabah,Tauziah and many activity in the holy Month.
i myself, have principe to back to Holy Qur'an, read it arabic and Indonesian pages, increase quantity and quality of praying and many more. It's so pretty holy month.
Last night, i prayed with my ex girlfriend in one beautiful Masjid in Panakkukang Makassar. as usual, in early Ramadhan, so many people, i get in the side of The masjid because inside had been fulled by Jamaah Tarwih Rahimakumullah. But no worry, i prayed with so many hopes in this Ramadhan i 'll get Al Falah [The Champions].
I my self have one special request "for completing my Islamic Truth"??i do hope in this year,amin...
One important moment in Ramadhan, all people happy, all businessman in market very happy, employees are happy, all of us are happy. why??i don't know why...just our feeling so stronge to love this month very much.
And in the end i really want to say from the bottom of my heart...

Ahlan Wa sahlan Ramadhan, Happy fasting month...Barakallahi fi kum..

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  1. welcome to world language dear. Happy fasting ya...

  2. Thank u sist, happy fasting Month..

    tukeran link yah spy awet, silaturrahminya

  3. boleh... abis ini aku masukin ke list blog aku deh ;)

  4. happy fasting sob :D, i have found it. btw i love ur style to read the holy qur'an not only in arabic but also the meaning. :D

  5. Happy fasting.. it`s a long time.
    Thanks for your nice comment.

  6. @Uli : yes uly, tafsir and read are important, if we just read without understanding the meaning, ehm..gimn gitu..

    happy fasting ya li

  7. Spiderdama: thanks alot brow, yes for 1 month as moslem we 'll pray fasting.

  8. Selamat menunaikan ibadah puasa mohon maaf atas segala khilaf/salah, semoga amal ibadah kita diterima oleh Allah SWT di bulan yg penuh rahmat ini amin (maaf sedikit telat, br sempat buka blog lg ^^)

  9. iyah anabele, happy fasting month yah,

    semoga kita semua menjadi mahluk yang Bertaqwa.
    iyah baru exist lagi, sibuk yah??


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