Chairman Executive Google Eric Schmidt

Dear Bloggers, there may be among us who listened to the arrival of strange Google Chairman Eric Schmidt to Executive Vice Presidential Palace by using Alphard Taxi. Unusual sights as a common car passing in the palace area vice president. Apparently a news colleague, officials google came to government to plan business expansion in Indonesia. Communication and Information Minister Mr Tifatul accompanying Vice President Budiono in said that google to discuss plans to open an office in Indonesia. "Google sees a great economic development and internet users in Indonesia. We also see that Google users are also large in Indonesia," said Tifatul, when met reporters at the Presidential Palace on Friday (07/22/2011). Well what about the positive effects for the people of Indonesia our bloggers especially those who may play a lot in the domain bloggers that in fact the product of google. In general this is very positive for the imaging of Indonesia, which could mean it is trusted by Internet giant to invest. In a matter of economics, would Indonesia be considered to have enormous potential to develop its business. Of course, a healthy investment climate to bring positive impact to our economy. Indonesia's economy is believed to be very quickly when connectivity (digital connectivity) are all connected. Colleagues certainly knew a lot about the rapid business through Search Engine google. I think that marketing via the internet / online will grow rapidly when google opened a branch in Indonesia. Why? Of course google will be many programs that make the level of buyer confidence to transact online via increased. Well, for bloggers? Surely many of you who tried to google adsense to try their luck through your web blog ads inserted dollars came. Initially it approve its an adsense whenever we make a blog in English. If Google had opened branches in the Republic is auto impact google adsense official blog in Indonesian language. With the potential for Internet users, including five of the world, unpredictable world of online, SEO, adsense, and others will progress rapidly as the Internet giant berdatangannya to our beloved country. So.... bloggers, blogging is no longer just a diary .. do more !!!
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  1. waaah mbah gugel bakal merambah ke Indonesia pake taksi Alphard
    keep blogging

  2. OK sob.....makin smangat nge blog nya...makin smangat nge klik iklannya,,,,

    thanks for visiting me...

  3. wah..wah...asyik...

    good news...

    makin smangatttt

  4. makasih brow...

    smangat juga ya!!!!

  5. thats good,tambah smangat aq ngeblog kalo gini hehe

  6. yoi sob harus slalu smangat donk

    jadikan menulis sebagai hal yang menyenangkan

  7. wah google bakalan buka lapangan pekerjaan nih di Indonesia heehe... nice info ^^


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