How To Make A Positive Habit

Often we hear the "phrase", every thing we do consistently too long will become a habit (habit). Habits that we do consistently long will shape our character. Characters that we will ultimately shape the culture (culture). So I hypothesize, that in our beloved country Indonesia culture originated from our habits. Any culture, the culture of lazy, cultural demos, a culture of mutual tolerance, a culture of mutual respect, everything is back on our private, in our habit.

Tips # 1 Start of Small Things

The habit of it starts from small steps. Want to be a great entrepreneur, start small businesses. I have a dream of owning a business a great distro complete with screen printing equipment and printing. A little thing I do is to become a reseller distro clothes, polo shirt soccer jersey and football. Why the ball, I really like soccer and I'm sure with the market share of the ball is also great.

Mr. Ali Akbar SEO experts often make tweets "be a business man with your twitter and Blackberry". Indeed, many things we can do now with the technology soc media. The question of "Do We Want to Start it?" For me, i want it, start small.

Tips #2 Select Supportive Environment

I used to be active in a Multi Level Marketing which is huge in Indonesia approximately 3 years. Yup, in a MLM, one positive thing that I feel is "we are in high spirits Group". Motivation, motivation and motivation to continue to rise, get up and keep the spirit. At that time I was in an environment that has positive behavior and mindset. I live a spirit, which was able to make my own dreams. Well a dream.

At this point I was not involved anymore in the world of MLM because of the demands I had to have a permanent job, my future wife expects me to work at that time for reasons he can work and still be a MLM distributor. But it turns out if it was in my employee world "fun" and slowly did I leave the MLM world. But one that is not lost, the spirit to have own business, keep reading books and course management skills trying to establish / affiliation with the environment that supports it.

Tips # 3 Create Reward and Punishment for Ourselves

I read a lot of books as well as of the seminar, one of self development tips is create a system of reward and punishment for us. For example, my commitment to the fast Monday-Thursday, if achieved in a week that I iftharnya at my favorite cafe, with a menu of my favorites, if not met I punish myself by meeting the entire demand for wives in the day, like massage, wash dishes, mop and cleaning the bathroom.

For the positive things, you can also establish your reward and punishment system. This self was very important to appreciate, no matter how small it is. So the accomplishments that we get a little trigger [triggered] in greater achievement.

Tips.# 4 Make something interesting related to the creation of your habit

Self motivation is important to change the behavior. Still liked, motivation should be interesting connection with our habit formation. Assume that we are committed to working out every day. With a strong passion we started jogging, but for too long we would be bored. Maybe something interesting is jogging on a treadmill [gym]. Jogging on a treadmill in a fitness routine will take care of us. When we eventually get bored, just do more things like running earphone while listening to music so much enthusiasm. The point be creative to create your positive habit.

So that I can share regarding the formation of a positive habit I coating of a variety of reading materials. Hopefully there are benefits.

Dhymalk dhykTa
business owner

For The Only One God

The eyes are the guides, the heart is the driving force and the prosecutor. 
Eye have the pleasure of sight and the heart had the pleasure of achievement.
Both are intimate allies in every action and charity human actions, and can not be separated from one another.

It's a little those who see with their own eyes and
feel with their own hearts.

Intention to always look beautiful and attractive is a fairness,
but Allah knows all that passes in our hearts, if
Our intention slipping into immorality and futility can be
God will give way to the opening of a disaster for us, by
therefore meant sungguhl ah intend only to reach the pleasure of Allah.

Try not to become a successful man but try
become a useful human being.

Every person we encounter in life takes a teaching mission
us something new.

Goodness does not lie in doing it right because of regulations,
but do what is right for the right reasons.

Love is beautiful, because he works in a spacious living room,
and core work is to give. Giving what is needed
by the people we love to grow into a better and
happy about it.

Intrinsic advantages are advantages that are not only beneficial
personal self, but also beneficial as many servants
Another God. Try what a pleasure not to be
disaster for others.

The world is when it faces you, it gaves you good people
another, and when it is back of you, he pulled from you all
kindness. "

Without knowledge of the same spirit with fire without light.

By God that I was in his grasp, really
someone has come on the Day of Resurrection with good works that
when placed on top of the mountain and he will memberatinya. Then
arose in favor of one of the favors of Allah, so delicious
spend almost all good works of people before, if only God
not gave him HIS GRACE. (Narrated by Al-Mundziry)

Ikhlas and monotheism are trees planted in the garden liver, Amal
deeds are the branches, while the fruit is
the good life in this world and eternal pleasure in the netherworld.
(Ibn al-Qayyim)

"Surely if GOD Almighty willed and destroy a
servant, then he pulled from that person a sense of shame. If you have been uprooted
her sense of shame, you do not find that person unless
wallowing in sin. If you do not see except wallow
sin, repealed (also) from his mandate. Where has revoked
trust him, you do not see him except as a person who
treason and betrayed. If you do not see him except
in a state of treason and betrayal, then withdrawn from it Rachmat
God. If the grace of God has been lifted from him, you do not
see him except in a state cursed and cursed. If you
do not see him except in a state cursed and cursed, then
revoked her bond with Islam. "(Narrated by Ibn Majah)
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Money is Everything

indeed in today's money is not everything, but everything can be bought with money. Look at the picture below, [picture taken from this web]:
Spot the rich guy! Funny pictures of rich men and the beautiful girls that cling on to them for their money. This first picture looks like the girl is his going to be his next meal!

 Wow, we are speechless with this next picture. He must be a very very rich man

Another girl that's either going to be eaten for his next meal or she has already poisoned him judging by his face and she's just waiting for the inevitable. 

Is this his daughter...nope! It's another very wealthy man.
It really is not hard to spot a rich is Beth Ostrosky and Howard Stern 

Pictured above are not jokes at all, although you may laugh, hehe ..
are you jealous? maybe you are much more athletic, handsome, young but is still single. Ask your little hearts, what was the cause. Do you not have a material or a source of well-being, please think about my friend. Life is too short, do not sit on my hands a lot, let us rise up, Never give up to be successful

Be a Business Man, Be A rich Man

Below, i copied one interesting article by my wife's blog " Keuangan Hebat ", talk about why we must be a rich, not a poor? 
What is your answer when asked why you have to be rich?
There must have been among you who replied to a happier life, comfortable and serene. Actually, according to experts, the real purpose of life is not for the rich, but to achieve happiness. Well many people believe to be rich or happy we have a lot of money. Of course this is not one, but very wrong way to get a lot of money, materials and well-being with the wrong way, okay?
Become a rich man

Most of my relatives think that being rich is a necessity but should be coupled with the wealth of faith, to be used for good fortune. So that we can share to others, useful to others. AA Gym, a spiritual Indonesia always reminded the importance of getting rich Due to the richness that we can help people who are trouble and could be useful for others.
Valentino Dinsi in his book "Do not Become A Lifetime payday" always motivate us to become a successful businessman, which could open up employment opportunities. That means to be a successful and wealthy in order to be useful for others.

Well now how do I, what can businesses do we start? Revert to self "what hobbies / passions we? Like my own personal hobby of writing, I developed a little writing on the website / blog, it turns out this way to make money. Too many of the nouveau riche of the website / blog. You may know Anne Ahira, Cosa Aranda, Michael Arrington or Pete Cashmore, only the income from their blogs can be millions or even hundreds of millions of dollars.

If you personally have a hobby what? maybe there is anyone here can produce cool t-shirts or beautiful shoes. Have you developed, accompanied by a powerful dream, please you promote online, customers will come no matter your business will grow.

Look for a reference as much as possible to develop your business, please googling or looking elsewhere. Now it is the information age. Rest assured your efforts will be even greater, and one saying to you "Welcome to the new rich!

The Power of Water

Many people know that health care is expensive. Therefore, health care is so mandatory that anyone needs. Regular exercise, adequate rest, eat nutritious foods are so many activities that we hope can be a healthy solution.

Unfortunately, of the many efforts to live a healthy life, sometimes we ourselves often lazy to do it. The reason is often so busy that the main factor is often used as a scapegoat, especially in big cities. Advances in technology, there are many supplements that supposedly can be an instant solution to keep the body fit every day. Unfortunately, the more intake contained in a supplement, sometimes making the cost we should spend a great.

But actually there is a "supplement" great that we can get to easily and quickly. Not only healthy, it is said multifunction supplements. Very simple! Diligent to consume water. Therefore, our bodies are 80% made ​​up of fluid. No wonder, if the intake of water must be very useful for our body. I wonder what happens if in this world no more water? Surely the end of the world, because water is so important to us. If so how the process, simple water can become so valuable?
Water, source of life

Approximately 80% of the human body consists of water. Brain and blood are two important organ that has a moisture content above 80%. The brain has a component of water by 90%, while the blood component has 95% water. At least, normally we need 2 liters a day or 8 glasses a day. For smokers this amount should be increased by half. Water is necessary to replace the fluid that comes out of the body through urine, perspiration, respiration, and secretion. The doctors also recommended that 8-10 glasses of water consumed every day for your metabolism running well and normal.

Less Water, Danger For Blood

If you consume less than 8 glasses of water, the overall effect is not felt. But as a consequence, the body will balance itself by taking the source of the body's own components. Of them from the blood. Shortage of water for the blood is very dangerous for the body. Therefore, the blood will become thick. As a result, the journey of blood to transport oxygen and nutrients can be impaired.

Thick blood will also pass through the kidney that functions as a filter or a tool to filter toxins from the blood. The kidneys have a very fine sieve, so if you have to filter the blood is thick then the kidneys have to work extra hard. It is not impossible kidneys may be damaged and will eventually have dialysis or in medical language is called hemodialysis.

That influence is less water for blood work and kidney. And what about the brain? Blood is thicker trip will also be blocked as it passes through the brain. In fact, brain cells are the most wasteful consumption of food and oxygen carried by blood. So that the function of brain cells is not optimal and could even die quickly. These conditions will increasingly lead to stroke. Therefore do not let a lack of water!

Benefits of Water
1. The digestive system

Consuming adequate amounts of water every day will facilitate the digestive system, so we will avoid digestive problems like heartburn or constipation. Burning calories will also be run efficiently.

2. Water helps to slow the growth of cancer-causing substances, plus prevent kidney stones and heart disease. Drinking water will make the body more energy.

3. Beauty treatments

If you are not drinking enough water, your body will absorb moisture in the skin so the skin becomes dry and wrinkled. In addition, water can protect the skin from the outside, as well as moisturize and nourish the skin.

To maintain the beauty of anything, even cleaning the body properly addressed Hares, plus a glass of water 8-10 glasses a day.

4. For fertility

Increase testosterone production in men and estrogen in women.

According to research basil thrombosis of a research institute in London, England, if a person is always a cold shower then the blood circulation smoothly and the body feels fresh and fit. Shower with cold water will increase the production of white blood cells in the body and increase one's ability to attack the virus. In fact, a cold shower in the morning can increase testosterone production in men and estrogen in women. With so fertility and sexual excitement will increase. In addition it improves skin tissue, nails healthy and strong, not easily cracked. Well, for the lazy lazy morning shower or even bath (astagfirulloh!) must begin to change his habit.

5. Heart healthy

Water is also believed to participate cure heart disease, rheumatism, skin damage, Papas tract disease, bowel disease dap femininity, etc..

Even today quite a lot of alternative treatment which utilizes the efficacy of water.

6. As stroke drug

Hot water not only used to treat various skin diseases, but also effective for treating paralysis, such as stroke. Therefore, water can help strengthen back muscles and ligaments as well as expedite the circulatory system and respiratory system. Effect of heat causes dilation of blood vessels, increase blood circulation and oxygenation tissue, thus preventing muscle stiffness, relieve pain and calm the mind.

The content of ions, especially chlorine, magnesium, hydrogen carbonate and sulfate in hot water, helps the dilation of blood vessels thus increasing blood circulation. In addition to the pH of the water is able to sterilize the skin.

7. Relaxation effects

Try standing in the shower and feel the effects in the body. Shower water falling into the body feels like a massage and be able to eliminate fatigue because it feels like a massage. A number of alternative medical experts say, that contact with a fountain, a walk around the waterfalls, or rivers and parks with lots of showers, will acquire the properties of negative ions. Negative ions which arise due to water droplets collide it can ease the pain, neutralize toxins, fight disease, and help to absorb and utilize oxygen. Negative ions in the blood stream will accelerate the delivery of oxygen to the cells and tissues.

Not only if you experience muscle tension can be relieved with warm water bath temperature around 37 degrees C. While our aching feet are recommended to soak the feet in warm water mixed with a little salt. Well, if you have a shower at home try to bathe and enjoy the results. Oh yes, the shower in the house also produces negative ions.

8. Normalized Body weight

Water are also removes impurities in the body that will be faster out through the urine. For those who want to arrange any agency, drink warm water before eating (making it feel somewhat satisfied) is one way to reduce food intake. Moreover, the water contains no calories, sugar, or fat. However, it is best to drink water at moderate temperatures, not too hot, nor too cold. Want to skinny?, Drinking water only.

9. Make body more fit

Properties of water not only to cleanse the body, but also as a substance that our bodies need. you may be able to survive food shortages of water less than a few days. Therefore, water is a major part in the composition of the human body.

Amount of water in the body, the function of organs also will be reduced and more easily disturbed by bacteria, viruses, etc.. However, the human body has a mechanism in maintaining the balance of incoming water intake and expenditure. Thirst in every man is a normal mechanism in maintaining the water intake in the body. Water body needs approximately 2 to 2.5 l (8-10 cups) per day. Total water demand is already including the water intake from food (such as soup, soup, etc.), beverages such as milk, tea, coffee, syrups etc.. In addition, water intake was also obtained from the metabolism of food intake and metabolism in the body tissues.

Well, water is also released by the body through urine and sweat. The amount of water released by the body through the urine of about 1 liter per day. If the amount of feces in healthy subjects spent approximately 50-400 g / day, aimya content of about 60-90% weight of feces or approximately 50-60 ml of water a day.

Meanwhile, water is wasted through sweat and airway in a maximum of 1 liter a day, depending on the temperature of the surrounding air. Moreover, the water discharge through the respiratory factor. Someone who has a fever, the water content in the breathing will increase. In contrast, the amount of water that is inhaled through breathing is reduced due to low air humidity around it.

Body would deteriorate if water levels decline and we do not immediately meet the needs of the body of water. U.S. cardiologist, Dr. James M. Rippe gives advice to drink a liter of water for at least more than what is needed our thirst. Because the loss of only 4% of the liquid will lead to lower our performance as much as 22%! It is understandable if the loss of 7%, we will begin to feel weak and lethargic.

Just so you know, the more activity the more the water is drained from the body. Therefore, health experts warn not to drink only when thirsty habits much to drink, whether it is hungry or not, is a healthy habit!

If the college in air-conditioned, it is recommended to drink more because the air is cold and dehydrated the body faster. Much to drink will also help the skin does not dry quickly. At room temperature is still not advisable to get a drink even though does not feel thirsty to balance the temperature.