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Dear buddy, today i want to share one computer tips. maybe it's usual for some people, but maybe it's advantage for others. We often have a kind of shortcut ctrl-c, ctrl-v, ctrl-z. In general, we've memorized by rote with this command, because in addition to easy to reach, this shortcut also accelerate our work than we use right-click and choose copy, paste or undo.

Well, that is often overlooked is the windows. Actually a lot of pointless you know, not just to open the menu "start" on the left bottom of it. Here are the details:

Windows Logo (Indicates or eliminate the Start menu)
Windows Logo BREAK (Bring up the System Properties dialog box)
Windows Logo D (Show the desktop)
Windows Logo M (Minimize all windows)
Windows Logo SHIFT M (restore windows diminimize)
Windows Logo E (Open My Computer in explorer)
Windows Logo F (Search files or folders)
CTRL + Windows Logo F (Search Computer)
Windows Logo F1 (Open Windows Help)
Windows Logo L (Lock the keyboard)
Windows Logo R (Open the Run dialog box)
Windows Logo U (Open Utility Manager)

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