For The Only One God

The eyes are the guides, the heart is the driving force and the prosecutor. 
Eye have the pleasure of sight and the heart had the pleasure of achievement.
Both are intimate allies in every action and charity human actions, and can not be separated from one another.

It's a little those who see with their own eyes and
feel with their own hearts.

Intention to always look beautiful and attractive is a fairness,
but Allah knows all that passes in our hearts, if
Our intention slipping into immorality and futility can be
God will give way to the opening of a disaster for us, by
therefore meant sungguhl ah intend only to reach the pleasure of Allah.

Try not to become a successful man but try
become a useful human being.

Every person we encounter in life takes a teaching mission
us something new.

Goodness does not lie in doing it right because of regulations,
but do what is right for the right reasons.

Love is beautiful, because he works in a spacious living room,
and core work is to give. Giving what is needed
by the people we love to grow into a better and
happy about it.

Intrinsic advantages are advantages that are not only beneficial
personal self, but also beneficial as many servants
Another God. Try what a pleasure not to be
disaster for others.

The world is when it faces you, it gaves you good people
another, and when it is back of you, he pulled from you all
kindness. "

Without knowledge of the same spirit with fire without light.

By God that I was in his grasp, really
someone has come on the Day of Resurrection with good works that
when placed on top of the mountain and he will memberatinya. Then
arose in favor of one of the favors of Allah, so delicious
spend almost all good works of people before, if only God
not gave him HIS GRACE. (Narrated by Al-Mundziry)

Ikhlas and monotheism are trees planted in the garden liver, Amal
deeds are the branches, while the fruit is
the good life in this world and eternal pleasure in the netherworld.
(Ibn al-Qayyim)

"Surely if GOD Almighty willed and destroy a
servant, then he pulled from that person a sense of shame. If you have been uprooted
her sense of shame, you do not find that person unless
wallowing in sin. If you do not see except wallow
sin, repealed (also) from his mandate. Where has revoked
trust him, you do not see him except as a person who
treason and betrayed. If you do not see him except
in a state of treason and betrayal, then withdrawn from it Rachmat
God. If the grace of God has been lifted from him, you do not
see him except in a state cursed and cursed. If you
do not see him except in a state cursed and cursed, then
revoked her bond with Islam. "(Narrated by Ibn Majah)


  1. Just One God, The Almighty of God

  2. All of these contence so meaningful...and I agreed with : Try not to become a successful man but try
    become a useful human being.

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