Have an interesting personality of every human being must be desirable. I, you, or anyone. The presence of an attractive person always look forward to many people. Absence missed. The question is, What special qualities that exist in humans, which could make others wonder and awe? And ... YOU are? Some people may think only beautiful people, physically handsome, clever, or even the rich who have a fascination? Actually not so! Everyone has the potential to become a human being that has high appeal, a person who's wished and expected. Including your own! Your charm can be grown and created by the positive energy you have. How do you create a positive aura to create interest for others? Here are 7 Art Maximizing Fascination {adapted from multiple sources of self-improvement book}: 
  1. Keep Doing Good Without Ever count
    Do a kindness like writing in the sand and pahatlah in stone for every mistake you make.
    That is, forget all your kindness to others, do not count! :-) Attitudes like these will train sincerity, and when used, you will feel a real sense of satisfaction.
  2. Humble
    Just a lot of humble people who liked other people. Another case with people who pride, humility is a manifestation of tolerance and has a high value. Humility and peace interlocked. Believe in yourself, and get rid of the desire to always want to prove to other people.
  3. Keep Purity
    Appear 'as usual'. Be yourself. To have the appeal we do not have to be someone else. Being yourself is much more valuable than we always want to look 'like others'.
  4. Be Full of People Who Interests
    What do you say to yourself about life, and yourself, from day to day, could provide a tremendous effect. All the time, look at yourself as a person of interest. Keep feeling it as clearly as possible in mind. By itself, 'natural' will attract all the things that are important to improve your feelings and views it. Be always cheerful, hopeful, and make the world hooked on you
  5. Cheerful face
    Laughter is healthy. Create Your face is always cheerful. When we smile, the brain will react and produce endorphins (a natural substance that removes the pain). In addition, the smile will make you able to relax. A smile will also spread the joy to others. Emphasize in mind, when you are with someone else, that smile can shorten the 'distance' between the others.
  6. Enthusiasm and Passion
    Two of these are mothers who give birth successfully. Enthusiasm and desire to bring in money, power and influence. The big thing will not be achieved without enthusiasm. Always confident in what you do. Do any of your work with great love. Put enthusiasm in your personal, then he will create something extraordinary for you.
  7. Manners
    Behavior, politeness and kindness can make others believe in us. Good manners will make others feel comfortable with us. Manners are a source of pleasure, security, and this is done by showing respect for others.
Be polite on everyone you know, no matter their status and position. Treat every person with good manners.

Hopefully the seventh art above can be implemented in our lives in order to "be more Living Our Lives"

for my brother KANG PAKIES Happy Milad, HOPE Barakallah Ta'ala in the world and the Future



  1. sometimes, i even confuse to compare what's different between Enthusiasm and Passion??

  2. ehmm...Actually it's positive attitude to have a high motivation in our life...

    but negatively Passion mean syakhwat,nafsu etc...
    if i'm not mistaken...hehe

  3. @Raja...belum tau juga bro..klo udah blog english ku ini akan pake bhs ibu bhs indo hehe..
    btw thanks for visiting me, hope beneficial for u

  4. trims Anabele...

    you have a very good posting too


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