How To Make A Positive Habit

Often we hear the "phrase", every thing we do consistently too long will become a habit (habit). Habits that we do consistently long will shape our character. Characters that we will ultimately shape the culture (culture). So I hypothesize, that in our beloved country Indonesia culture originated from our habits. Any culture, the culture of lazy, cultural demos, a culture of mutual tolerance, a culture of mutual respect, everything is back on our private, in our habit.

Tips # 1 Start of Small Things

The habit of it starts from small steps. Want to be a great entrepreneur, start small businesses. I have a dream of owning a business a great distro complete with screen printing equipment and printing. A little thing I do is to become a reseller distro clothes, polo shirt soccer jersey and football. Why the ball, I really like soccer and I'm sure with the market share of the ball is also great.

Mr. Ali Akbar SEO experts often make tweets "be a business man with your twitter and Blackberry". Indeed, many things we can do now with the technology soc media. The question of "Do We Want to Start it?" For me, i want it, start small.

Tips #2 Select Supportive Environment

I used to be active in a Multi Level Marketing which is huge in Indonesia approximately 3 years. Yup, in a MLM, one positive thing that I feel is "we are in high spirits Group". Motivation, motivation and motivation to continue to rise, get up and keep the spirit. At that time I was in an environment that has positive behavior and mindset. I live a spirit, which was able to make my own dreams. Well a dream.

At this point I was not involved anymore in the world of MLM because of the demands I had to have a permanent job, my future wife expects me to work at that time for reasons he can work and still be a MLM distributor. But it turns out if it was in my employee world "fun" and slowly did I leave the MLM world. But one that is not lost, the spirit to have own business, keep reading books and course management skills trying to establish / affiliation with the environment that supports it.

Tips # 3 Create Reward and Punishment for Ourselves

I read a lot of books as well as of the seminar, one of self development tips is create a system of reward and punishment for us. For example, my commitment to the fast Monday-Thursday, if achieved in a week that I iftharnya at my favorite cafe, with a menu of my favorites, if not met I punish myself by meeting the entire demand for wives in the day, like massage, wash dishes, mop and cleaning the bathroom.

For the positive things, you can also establish your reward and punishment system. This self was very important to appreciate, no matter how small it is. So the accomplishments that we get a little trigger [triggered] in greater achievement.

Tips.# 4 Make something interesting related to the creation of your habit

Self motivation is important to change the behavior. Still liked, motivation should be interesting connection with our habit formation. Assume that we are committed to working out every day. With a strong passion we started jogging, but for too long we would be bored. Maybe something interesting is jogging on a treadmill [gym]. Jogging on a treadmill in a fitness routine will take care of us. When we eventually get bored, just do more things like running earphone while listening to music so much enthusiasm. The point be creative to create your positive habit.

So that I can share regarding the formation of a positive habit I coating of a variety of reading materials. Hopefully there are benefits.

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