Wong Fei Hung {Faisal Hussein Wong}
So far we only know as a hero Wong Fei Hung Kung fu in the movie "Once Upon A Time in China". In the film, the character of Wong Fei Hung, played by renowned Hong Kong actor, Jet Li. But who the Wong Fei Hung? 
"this post as result of my search about a moslem hero in the world, insha Allah it can be motivate us, and more proud to be moslem!!!"

Wong Fei Hung is a scholar, expert treatment, and the legendary martial arts expert whose name is designated as a National Hero of China by the Chinese government. But the Chinese government often blurs identity seeks Wong Fei Hung as a Muslim in order to maintain the supremacy of communist rule in China.
Wong Fei-Hung was born in 1847 in Kwantung (Guandong) of a devout Muslim family. The name of the Wong Fei Fei Hung is Cantonese for Arabic name, Fais. While Hung's name is also a Cantonese dialect to refer to the Arabic name, Hussein. So, when in-arabic-language-his, his name is Faisal Hussein Wong.
His father, Wong Kay-Ying was a scholar, and healer expert knowledge of traditional medicine, as well as experts of traditional Chinese martial arts (wushu / kung fu). His father owned a medical clinic called Po Chi Lam in Canton (the capital of Guangdong).
Wong Kay-Ying was a scholar who mastered the science of high-level wushu. Altitude martial arts Wong Kay-Ying made him known as one of the Ten Tigers of Kwantung. Tigers of Kwantung position was later passed on to Wong Fei Hung.
The combination of knowledge of traditional medicine and martial arts techniques and supported by the nobility of character as a Muslim makes Wong's family often intervened to help the weak and oppressed people in those days. That's why people have great respect and idolize Kwantung Wong Family.
Wong family clinic patients who require medical assistance generally comes from the poor who can not afford to pay medical expenses. Even so, Wong family still help every patient who comes in earnest. Wong's family has never indiscriminately in helping, regardless of ethnicity, race, religion, all aided with no strings attached.
In secret, Wong family is actively involved in the underground movement against the Ch'in Dynasty reign of a corrupt and oppressive. Ch'in Dynasty is the dynasty that knocked out the power of the Yuan Dynasty that ruled before. Yuan Dynasty is known as the only dynasty Emperor of China whose family members are many who embraced Islam.
Wong Fei-Hung began to hone the talent beladirinya since studied to Luk Ah-Choi who had also been a teacher his father. Luk Ah-Choi was later taught him the basics of Hung Gar stance that makes the successful delivery Fei Hung stance "Kick Without a Shadow" are legendary.
The basics of Hung Gar stance discovered, developed and is the mainstay of Hung Hei-Kwun, brother seperguruan Luk Ah-Choi. Hung Hei-Kwun is a Shaolin warrior who escaped a massacre by government combustion and Ch'in Dynasty in 1734.
Hung Hei-Kwun this is a historic rebellion leader who nearly beat the Ch'in dynasty invaders who came from Manchuria (now we know him as Korea). If only the government Ch'in did not ask for help armed forces of foreign nations (Russia, Britain, Japan), a rebellion led Hung Hei-Kwun it will undoubtedly managed to expel the occupation of Ch'in Dynasty.
Having studied to Luk Ah-Choi, Wong Fei-Hung and then sit under his own father until the early age of 20 years, he has been the leading martial arts expert and treatment. In fact he managed to develop the more advanced.
Ability beladirinya increasingly difficult to surpass when he managed to create a new jutsu which is very tactical, but efficient so-called stance "Tiger Claw" and moves "Nine Special Punch".
In addition to empty handed, Wong Fei-Hung is also adept at using various weapons. Canton Community've witnessed with their own eyes how he was alone with just holding the club managed to beat more than 30 people harbor burly hero and ruthless in Canton that mengeroyoknya because he defended the poor people who will they squeeze.
In family life, of God much testing with various temptations. A son was killed in an incident mobsters fight with Canton. Wong Fei-Hung married three times because of his wives died within a short age.
After the death of his third wife, Wong Fei-Hung decided to live alone until he met Mok Gwai Lan, a young woman who also happened to martial arts expert. Mok Gwai Lan also teaches martial arts in a special class of women at the college of her husband. Mok Gwai Lan was later to become his life partner until death.
In 1924 Wong Fei-Hung died at the age of 77 years. Chinese society, especially in Kwantung and remember him as a hero of Canton defenders of the mustad'afin (oppressed) are never afraid to defend their honor. Anyone and any number of people who oppress the poor, will be resisted with all his strength and courage he had.
Wong Fei-Hung's death by leaving the name scent that made him known as a precious human life, a life choice that God gave to a Muslim than to die a martyr.
Hopefully all the deeds accepted by Allah SWT and hopefully all his benefits be an example to us, generation of Muslims who live afterwards. Ameen.
source: wikipedia.org


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