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Yesterday i had posted "How Life Should Be??". Now I continue to write some Reflection about. Always Changing to a better direction.

Humans used to like new things, and boredom is something that always accompanies it. We can see the neighbor replace his vehicle after vehicle with her ever faithful. Our colleagues to change his clothes, changing his home, renewing the furnishings in it or set it back, updating the room they occupy, and they plan to travel or tourism. It could be that not only our colleagues, but ourselves. Let us reflect together back buddy! 

Thus the normal human condition and it's not unusual, but strange in this case is this update touches everything in the life of our world and not concerned with the renewal of our next issue. So no wonder many wise men say, they are only concerned with the world, they are in weakness and his stubborn, insensitive, his spirits fell, and wallowing in a lot of immorality.

Sometimes we do not realize this and we do not feel tired of having these conditions even in a long time without updates. Pearl verses today about luck and failure in the world and days later, in the word of Allah, "Truly successful who purifies the soul. And actually lost the person who contaminated, "{Qs Ash-Shams [91] :9-10} 

God associate luck  with people who want to make updates to the soul and always wanted to achieve a high degree, refusing attitude has always been on one condition, and to cause failures and losses for people who let her soul possessed by various disobedience without going to try to save him from damage. May we be spared from such things and little by little began to renew itself to something more useful.


  1. very nice post...
    jgn menyerah dan selalu bersyukur dengan apa yg telah diberikan oleh Allah SWT...
    tulisan yg sgt menginspirasi di tengah malam ini. thanks for share ^^

  2. hai mbak ...thanks for testy...

    makasih dah berkunjung...

    smg betah yah

  3. wah betah bgt berkunjung ksini, tulisan2 nya sgt menginspirasi ^^

  4. hei...how are u???

    br dtg lagi,,,wait me @ your home yah!!!


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