Today i ''ll post Tips of Search Engine Optimization
One of the secrets of SEO is how you make a post that is a trend in google. Why?

Since the entry of our blog on google trends made ​​many people who open our blog. One of the tips for those of you who are so busy with school, office, and we still want the blog remains on the front page of google is to make a post that many in search of people
Of course the content of the blog we also have quality and useful for others. After doing his post and title according to the keywords that many people search on google, will create a blog we sit comfortably in the front yard.
To check the topic again on google trends please open the following links:
Once we know make a post in connection with the topic.
With these steps we can save a lot of time and continue to put our blog on the front row of google.

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  1. Thanks for Nice Posting...'s be a reference to post something

  2. you're welcome...i just try to share a positive think

  3. hi,very nice post... thanks for share ^^

  4. @Anabele : thanks for visiting me sist....

    keep share sist...

  5. gugel trends cukup manjur juga.
    demikian juga dengan gugel news

  6. Betul banget sob....

    jd referens buat nulis nih aplg yg lagi trend...hehe

  7. sedikit demi sedikit menccernanya nih mas.. maklumlah :(

  8. tumben pakai bhsa linggis, ampun dah, dulu ernah coba pakai google trend, tapi g bisa ngikutin aq sob, posting belu selesai dah muncul lagi yang baru

  9. iya sih emang sulit menyamakan ide kita dgn kemauan org mayoritas, itu kan brdasarkan keyword di amerika yah??

    klo sy sih tergantung ide aja...,mudah2an bs jd pencarian keyword juga,hehe


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