Alhamdulillah this night there was little change in my blog, Dear bloggers can see in my url. After several days i learn domain system, web hosting, DNS  by many specialists that finally I can also use your own domain without having to use again my blogspot at the end url.
I certainly hope this blog can be more professional, powerful and can be useful for others, according to the initial theme of making this blog "My Opinion of Our Solution for Better Life". In early time blogging just a relaxing time filler, but during the time embedded feelings do not always sleep the night before posting at least one post.
In My Indonesian language blog last posting , I wrote an interesting topic on the internet. Freedom of expression on the Internet should not harm others. Free but polite, it's the principle. So that writer tries to present an educational, entertaining, and always friendly with anyone in this virtual world.
In an occasion, Indonesian IT expert Mr Onno W. Purbo said that we often do not realize that at the end of the computer over there there is a man who holds the keyboard. Unfortunately, human beings remain human beings, they are not angels. There is a good human being, but also not having much less heart and intentions are not good. No wonder, if many cases are not good on the Internet, ranging from the problem of pornography (the form of photographs or video), violence, gambling, fraud, and even that is no less rife lately is libel to kidnapping that could end up with pathetic.
With consideration for others is always sharing, blogging was for things that are worthwhile and hopefully can become one solution to our extraordinary life


  1. jadi ngiler neh, sejujurnya setelah digaruk sama google , pakde juga pengin mengganti domain pakde menjadi com, atau net, pakde masih juga bingung, apakah tetap pakai "pakde sulas" atau yang lainnya. jadi masih jalan di tempat

  2. alhamdulillah pakde.....

    klo saran saya tetap pake pakde sulas
    tp blkangnya .com atau

    krn sy buta bnget ttg web development

    dan alhamdulillah jd ngerti stelah bhasil..

    krn sy cuma beli domain sj pakde...

  3. Congrats yah...

    makin sukses yah ngeblog nya

  4. Trims boss....sukses selalu buat kita semua

  5. congratulation, sukses selalu utk blog nya ^^


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