Love is a beautiful gift that God gives us, by which we live, with whom we share, with whom we love one another. Surely the words Love isn’t foreign word in our ears, why? Since God is the Supreme Lover, who has taught us by His Word to be mutually love eachothers without any sense of purpose in our hearts. Too many theologians divine that leads us to implement the "unconditional love" in our lives.
A husband and wife had promised before, pledged to be complementary, sharing, love each other forever without the slightest sense to injure. The name of love certainly contrary to the word injury, but why is there this expression of "Loving Without hurting". My Mom said "if you love, why your love can hurt your girlfriend or wife?, The answer would come back to us each one, how much love we are, how in the sense that we distribute to the people we" love "it.
In mouth may we say love and affection but the meaning of true love if we can mix and match with a sincere heart and deeds that reflect that love. According to experts, the science of love, "the justified with the heart, uttered by the tongue, and practiced with deeds". This is actually in love with a beautiful taste, Loving without leaving the slightest injury, sincere love, the love that comes from the Creator who has taught the essential love. I Ever say to a woman who is my soulmate "I love you sincerely for Allah. A phrase that is in the same time guarantees not likely I love outside the lines that have been promoted through the verses of holy and guidance of His Messenger.
Indeed, all of which must be equipped with the science of love earlier, oral speech, with a sincere heart must prove by deeds of love and the best that I have, I can.
Remembering the story Rabhiatul Adawiyah that until his death was not married to any one man, but she is beautiful, good and religious. He was a Sufi, and we know together, he did not love the creature pinned double for fear of his love for his Lord. What a tremendous sacrifice of love.
In closing, love it with all sincerity, do not you love a bit much to feel hurt by your love.

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  1. Hello,

    quite good, I wrote about love too, i do not know how the love works to me, but I still feel like the 'love seed' in my heart will grow if I water and fertilize it everyday and spread it fragrant when it blossom to all people I met.

    Keep it up man! =)


  2. Good morning, wah template br y ? cantik beneer ^^
    sy br sempat utk nge-blog lg, apa kbr Makasar ? ^^
    postingan di atas sgt menginspirasi, membuat sy merenung jg. Trims, very nice post :)


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