Be Your Self to create an inspiration

be confident
Many people said that writing needs something named idea. Idea to write. We can call this idea as inspiration.

Yeah, people need to get some inspiration before writing. Inspiration about story, inspiration about opinion, inspiration about photos, inspiration about life, or inspiration about anything that could be written in our blog. Inspiration is a main idea about what would you do or what would you tell to the world with your writing.
I also write this article because many young people nowdays are successful with writing, blogging or internet marketing.

Well, this is one way to get inspiration from me. I often do this when I caught in the middle of emptiness. Put your hand in keyboard, and start thinking something positive. For me i always start seeing motivation videos such as ESQ by Ginanjar Agustian, Spiritual by AA Gym. It can make my feeling so strong, strong believe and more motivated to start writing a useful thing.
But Sometimes i look many Heroes Picture like Sukarno, Syahrir, Syeikh Ahmed Yassin, It will burn my spirit.  
But at the end, it just suitable for me and hope it'll suitable for others. My Suggestion :
"Be yourself. Don't try to be somebody else or like everybody else... You'd be a lot more interesting"


  1. sip mas, link ada sudah saya pasang diblog saya...

  2. ok mas...masih keep blogging.....toward success in our life

  3. Inspirasiku saat ini bahwa artikelmu bagus tentang inspirasi n sip deh .... :)

  4. @anisayu: Yeah thanks, hope it ''ll bring more beneficial for us...

    @attayaya: Trims brow...the spirit also for u guys

  5. It`s important to be yourself.

    Thanks for visiting my blog:-)

  6. @spider : agree with u bro...

    you're welcome..keep postive blogging buddy

  7. many things could inspire me,
    tapi kalo lagi dicariin, suka laaaamaaaa nemunya :)

  8. menulis adalah hobi yg murah meriah dan sgt bermanfaat, i love this...
    keep writing for the world ^^

  9. @Vitta : yeah need a few time to think and start make an inspiration...

    @Anabele : yups thanks sista...Writing is one of my hobby to make many friends all of the world included u...

  10. JAdi semangat kembali pengen nulis..Put Ur hand in Keyboard And Start to thinking positive something.....makasii brother ^^

  11. @ Amha and @ Shudai...

    Menulis mmg gak ada ruginya...

    walaupun kt sdh tdk ada....

    karya akan terus dikenang...

    so, apa yg kt tau....apa yg kt pikir apa yg kita cita2 kan...tulislah...!!!!

  12. nice, write is easy to do don't thing its difficult. when i was writing i just wrote about my feeling and what i want to share. but for inspiration, some times I got it form the other blogs like yours. :D

    be different, be unique, be trendsetter don't be follower but be inspiration for each otter

    where is the advertisement that i must klik?

  13. This is such important advice. If you are not yourself, you put too much effort into maintaining an image and it saps your creativity as you try to maintain something false.

  14. Aku juga suka ESQ nya Ginanjar Agustian..
    Inspiratif banget ya!

  15. @Uli Mayang : Thanks for visiting me sista, long time no see u @cyber world, hehe..

    to be trendsetter is not easy..but if we try sure we can, i think all of us are unique ..we have a different thing that we 'll show to all people..but your opinion so nice...tq

  16. @emm : i do with u guys...

    be our self to create things that useful for our life..

    thanks for additional opinion girl!!!

  17. @Mbak Thya: Alumni ESQ juga yah???Subhanaallah Ya...kita dibukakan begitu bukti keMahabesaran Allah...semoga kita selalu istiqomah dijalannya , amin!!!


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