Thousands of flights were canceled to make the passengers stranded at various airports

Thousands of flights and train services across Europe canceled because of snow, ice, and cold temperatures.

The cancellation has caused thousands of people displaced.

Only a few flights leaving Heathrow, Europe's busiest airport, and a third of flights were canceled at the airport is important as Paris and Frankfurt.

The roads in various countries is described very dangerous.

Cold temperatures make the snow to ice and make the roads become very slippery.

Britain, France, and Germany's most severely affected by snow and cold temperatures.

Restrictions loosened flight began, but British airlines, British Airways, said it takes time to transport all the passengers who experience delays in recent days.
Trains are also disturbed

British Airways has warned people to cancel plans for Christmas and New Year.

From Brussels airport in the city reported that authorities closed due to lack of salt for snow on the runway mecairkan.

But on Monday night, the airport opened because authorities have obtained sufficient salt supply from Germany.

In addition to air travel, which is disrupted by winter weather is a train service.

The snow caused trains can not be operated in maximum speed and consequently travel schedule into chaos, as happened in the route between Britain, France, and Belgium.

Queue prospective passengers to Europe will reach several hundred meters at St Pancras Station in London. Train operator Eurostar ask prospective passengers to cancel the trip if indeed possible.

In Paris, the government banned large trucks transporting goods to operate.

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