Indonesia Towards Champion AFF 2010

El Loco Gonzales

Indonesian national team finally qualified ascertained AFF Cup Final 2010, Garuda had been awaited by Malaysia during the first leg played on 26 December.

Indonesia once again managed to conquer the Philippines with a 2-0 aggregate score of both printed through a beautiful goal Cristian "El Loco" Gonzalez.

AFF is already in the title since 1996 has produced three winning state titles, Thailand and Singapore are both reached three times and Vietnam once. This year's Final will find a new champion, because it was confirmed the winner between Indonesia and Malaysia.

When we saw the last match against Malaysia in the group phase Indonesia managed to score a landslide win with 5-1. However, if we look at Malaysia in the final two games of the semi-final match then cons Vietnam Garuda troops need to be careful.

The reason is seen a drastic change in the game when they conquer the defending champion with a score of 2-0 in the first leg, although in the second leg they performed an ultra defensive to ensure opportunities for escape.

Expectations are very high football lovers an opportunity to earn Trophies on the AFF Cup 2010, proven by the number of status on social networks Facebook and Twitter, which says Indonesia re-conquest of Malaysia. "Come on Indonesia, Malaysia this time slaughter of more than 5 goals!" Eko Prasetyo wrote a reply tweet from Twitter @ bolalob info.

Indonesia also received support from the Liverpool player who has ever shared a single school football Irfan Bachdim, Ryan Babel. Through Twitter account Babel Garuda congratulate the troops and also Irfan Bachdim

"Congratulation to Indonesia to win the final," wrote Babel in Twitter account, @ RyanBabel.

Another thing that should be highlighted is the second leg final match will be held at Bung Karno on December 29, this time determined the number of requests for tickets to watch directly on the stadium will be higher. Readiness of organizers were expected to be more mature to ensure no confusion repeated trouble tickets.

Let us support the national team for the scent Garuda Indonesia Southeast Asian arena and continue to fight for it the name of Indonesia in the World.


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