Teenagers likes BP's Mustache

Bambang Pamungkas
At a time when many women idolized Irfan Bachdim today, but not for Farida. He claimed to still love her idol, Bambang Pamungkas, which is usually called "Bepe".

Students who are still sitting bench Widia class X SMK Patria II, West Jakarta, was with his friends taking the time to come to Field C, Senayan, to see his favorite player was training with the national team training session this morning.

"Bepe if longer run is cool. His mustache was interesting. Anyway he was cool , "said Farida. Understandably, Farida is a PERSIJA supporter or The Jak Mania, where Bambang play. That is the reason why the 14-year-old teen idol Bepe, Bambang familiar greeting. "I'm The Jak Angels. In Persija, he play good game. Yesterday he was also a good game and can make two goals versus Thailand, "said Farida.
Farida also hopes for the troops "Garuda" could prevail in AFF Cup 2010. "Hopefully they can win. Bring also World Cup, "said Farida. Bepe's character does have a strong leader for his peers in both the field and off the field. So far he has scored two goals in the AFF Cup.

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