Winner without Trophy
Last Night game AFF Cup grand final. Malaysian Tigers eventually become the new champion of Southeast Asia, although we expect Indonesia to win.
In every game, of course, there is hope for the victory. Although .. like it or not, inevitably, the consequences in a game is there are winners and there are losers.
True friend?
There the term "the important thing is to win in battle rather than in combat." But what difference does it make battle and war? rich just wrote 'it.
I used to think the same too, it turns out war is a collection of some battles.
In life, of course war is not necessarily a fight with an enemy or competitor. Not that hanky panky with coworkers. Not that rival to gain the attention of someone.
Not too want to beat people - people who never crumble us.But how to pull myself to always be in the right track in achieving our life.
Do you want to achieve or make something easy and quick?do you miss to enjoy something that so far you desire?
If the answer to your deepest heart is yes, then keep reading this paper.
According to Malcolm Gladwel in his book 'Outliers', to be successful or successful as long as 10,000 hours of training required.
After undergoing training for a long time, the relative skills of someone already formed. we call 10,000 flying hours .
Tiger Woods hit the ball to train the skills of sand at the end of the mound only take 2 years. During the 2 years he practiced only hit like that.
Tiger Woods has done since the age of 4 years.
Tiger Woods carved achievements in the world of golf was fantastic because ever since he entered the arena of professional golf in 1996, Tiger has won 93 tournaments, 71 of whom who are PGA Tour tournament series. Tiger Wood's income in 2008 amounted to 127.9 million dollars, or Rp.
1.2 trillion or 100 billion / month.
Have you seen, read or hear the story of someone who is successful? What do they do?
People - successful people have in common they have a very high flight hours in their profession.
Ahmad Dhani, Melly Goeslaw or DewiQ success in writing lots of songs. In first- they all do not write direct hits, maybe even some of us have never heard their first song. We begin to know their names since their song become HITS. But whether the hits of their debut is the first song that they created?
of course not .. they already have a high flying hours before they become hits song creation.
When people do 10,000 hours of flying, each neuro system in the body is trained to work together to provide continuous results to perfection.
Anthony Robbins said: "repetition is the mother of the skill".
So, what about us?
are we prepared to invest time, effort and discipline to perform 10,000 hours of flying for the achievement of our life?
If today you feel like a failure, it is not failing, but you're meeting your flown 10,000 hours.If today you are tired, keep walking .. as 10,000 hours waiting to be fitted.

Best Regard

Dhymalk Dhykta

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  1. Yes I Do Beieve success will come with many trial...not once


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