Spirit of Nasuha

For those who watched the AFF semifinal game Indonesia vs Philippines  must recognize a player. Players this one is easily recognizable for wearing "costumes" are different, he is wearing a "surban" (bandage) that wrapped around his head.

He is Mohammad Nasuha. Born in Tangerang, This national team left-back played with heroic and high determination. Although his head is leaking because it collided with an opposing player, he still insists on playing with a bandaged head wrapped in bandages. Although bleeding, he asked the doctors to do anything so he can continue playing.

"Nasuha rips injured in the head, long enough. Nasuha immediately requested that the wound was closed. He said if need stitches, sewing it, Doc. I want to play anymore," said dr. Aditya Wahyudi, one of the national team doctors.

Indonesia had finally managed to win the duel with the Philippines. And one of the main contributors to the victory that is the sacrifice of "bandage" Mohammad Nasuha.


So if people already believe in an ideal (whatever that goal), He was not willing to remain silent. He'll do anything, sacrifice anything, give anything, to ensure the realization of these ideals. For him, there is no obstacle that can not be passed, there are no insurmountable obstacles. Because he had "defeated" The biggest obstacle: themselves!

I remember the heroic story of '
Amr bin Jamuh. In the age of the elderly and the lame leg he still insisted to participate in the battle of Uhud. Although the Holy Prophet had given permission for exemption, he would not budge resignation, "Ow Messenger of Allah (Rasulullah) , allow me to participate with you. Actually I wanted to grab my leg crippled heaven with this!" Amr bin Jamuh firm that eventually allowed to join the war and he managed to reach his goal: win heaven as a martyr!
My Beloved, that's two examples of human figures that have been beating himself, so no one else could beat him for reaching their dreams. Believe it or not, the biggest obstacle to reach the peak of success is yourself. The most effective weapon we most use to legalize various types of failure is the "excuse" or "Reason" or the "pretext of Justification".

"Excuse" to make us lose with ease, making us feel legitimate to give up, make us feel honored when insulted, makes us feel natural to fail.


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