In life and life there is always stress. Not only humans, animals and plants are also experiencing stress. So do not panic if you're experiencing stress. The former first identify what the source of stress is, what causes it?
Based on personal experience and my coworkers in the office,
Various causes can lead to stress, for example:

1. You've been fired from a job or you do not have a steady job,

2. Newly divorced from your husband or wife, or you are a widow or widower who are lonely, or you are not married, or are seeking a life partner,

3. You have recently moved house, or you do not have a home,

If it can overcome the three that does not mean you will be stress free, as it will appear again

Other sources of stress are:
1. You have a chronic illness, not cured, of whom it was stress disease.

2. Like people are too nosy affairs committee,

3. You never can reward, from a small, young to old,

4. You can never be grateful with what is,

5. Your impatient face life's difficulties,

By identifying the sources of stress that exist, then face life with a chill out. Life need not be too eager to get something, take it easy ...

These is the tips to avoid stress:
1. If you do not have permanent jobs, find jobs, get jobs in the elderly, in-law, wife, husband, if you have a job but no one paid for your work, then look for additional income, looking for odd jobs. For example, if your job to write, write with a blogging ... If you work as a farmer, do your job while catching fish, there is an important sideline.

2. If you do not have a partner yaa find a suitable partner, that you care and love, if you are new or newly divorced couple left, so look for a replacement or stay in their own home life unhappy ...

3. If you are homeless, or are still involved parents / in-law, look for a boarding house or rented house, unless you are in charge of caring for parents / in-law is old and sick, faced with a patient ... be grateful that your life does not need to rent a house , because there are parents or in-laws that may provide shelter ..

4. If you have a stubborn illness, trying to do things to your friends, stay in touch because it extends the life of friendship and add fortune. Give charity to others because it makes the body healthy and prolong life also

5. If you have a regular job then certainly you do not like meddling with the affairs of people, unless your job is really like nosy and ngurusi affairs are not important ...

6.If you have never been able to award, make the race that no one can beat your opponent, for example "cooking contest salinity", guaranteed you will win and be able to reward and stress is gone

7. Learn to be grateful and be patient ...

Good luck with these tips, hopefully you avoid the stress ...
just my personal opinion


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