Be a Business Man, Be A rich Man

Below, i copied one interesting article by my wife's blog " Keuangan Hebat ", talk about why we must be a rich, not a poor? 
What is your answer when asked why you have to be rich?
There must have been among you who replied to a happier life, comfortable and serene. Actually, according to experts, the real purpose of life is not for the rich, but to achieve happiness. Well many people believe to be rich or happy we have a lot of money. Of course this is not one, but very wrong way to get a lot of money, materials and well-being with the wrong way, okay?
Become a rich man

Most of my relatives think that being rich is a necessity but should be coupled with the wealth of faith, to be used for good fortune. So that we can share to others, useful to others. AA Gym, a spiritual Indonesia always reminded the importance of getting rich Due to the richness that we can help people who are trouble and could be useful for others.
Valentino Dinsi in his book "Do not Become A Lifetime payday" always motivate us to become a successful businessman, which could open up employment opportunities. That means to be a successful and wealthy in order to be useful for others.

Well now how do I, what can businesses do we start? Revert to self "what hobbies / passions we? Like my own personal hobby of writing, I developed a little writing on the website / blog, it turns out this way to make money. Too many of the nouveau riche of the website / blog. You may know Anne Ahira, Cosa Aranda, Michael Arrington or Pete Cashmore, only the income from their blogs can be millions or even hundreds of millions of dollars.

If you personally have a hobby what? maybe there is anyone here can produce cool t-shirts or beautiful shoes. Have you developed, accompanied by a powerful dream, please you promote online, customers will come no matter your business will grow.

Look for a reference as much as possible to develop your business, please googling or looking elsewhere. Now it is the information age. Rest assured your efforts will be even greater, and one saying to you "Welcome to the new rich!


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